The Eclipse of varied Interests


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So the other day, we experienced a partial annular eclipse in my country. But with the weather being the way it is, there wasn’t any visibility at all sadly. We’ve been expiriencing extreme weather conditions. Global warming bla bla…


I live in Nairobi, by the way.

The last time this occurred was about 11 years ago and I remember it well because it happened to be my birthday. It was a significant day for me, not only because I was finally ‘legal’, but the day also marked the beginning of my last days of high school. I was so excited to be done with school!

I still find it hard to believe that I survived four years of boarding school. It was four years of rigorous academic work, where we were forced to study seven days a week. There weren’t any arts or music classes available to us at the school. There was no room for creative outlet whatsoever and to this day, I still feel that I could have been happier if I’d had the chance to study music or art or pursue a sport.This wasn’t in the cards for me though. Despite excelling in school, I felt cheated out of a great opportunity; being able to study what I enjoyed more.

A decade and an Economics and Communications degree later, I still haven’t gotten round to doing what I love. I’m a banker with an Economics degree who loves all things artistic among other things. Earlier this year, I discovered the term multipotentialite when watching a TEDx talk by Emilie Wapnick. It has been one of the best things to have happened to me this year. You can view the talk here

I enjoyed Economics as much as I did Communication studies. I loved music almost as much as I loved sports. I took a fancy to  theatre and at some point I almost started writing scripts. While my peers have gone on to pursue a singular career path and excelled at it, I still find it hard to continue down one path for more than a few months or years at a time.

I used to think that this was a problem, that I hadn’t found my ‘one true calling’  but maybe I’m not the problem. It’s what the society thinks of me. And that TED talk shifted my whole way of thinking. I’m a multipotentialite and I excel at many things, at different times.

I am at a point where I feel it is time for another change. I’m not happy at work. I am bored! I’ve learned all I could from what I currently do and it’s time for something new. Right now, I’m taking it one day at a time. If you’re anything like me, then you know that having a positive attitude goes a long way in helping you remain productive at work.

This is still a relatively new concept to me and I’m still coming to terms with it. Now that I know I can finally find a way to build a life around all my varied interests.



6 thoughts on “The Eclipse of varied Interests”

  1. We only have one life and we are multidimensional creatures. My question is always how some people can do one thing their whole entire lives????
    The arts feed your soul. Try to find something that allows you to utilize your skills in that environment!

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  2. Yes my friend I truly agree with you that any individual can’t spend his/her entire life doing only one thing. Yes I do agree with you that art, literature and nature are the true inspiration of a human being.
    We can be doing many thing in our life , in fact we are capable of doing everything in our life but we don’t have right to be satisfied or withhold the extreme possibilities we are blessed with.
    Felt sorry for you , it would have been tough to be in a boarding school.
    All the best for your future bolts and welcome to the world of blogging.

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  3. Hi Charlie! Thanks for reading my first blog! Yea! I definitely relate to being multidimensional. I like to do lots of things and look forward to always being this person with lots of interests. So onward and upward my fellow and fella blogger!

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