According to  Urban Dictionary this means do grown up things and hold adult responsibilities. Right now, I don’t want to adult. I really just want to lie in bed and watch Netflix. I want to fill up on junk and not worry about my steadily increasing waist size. I want to go for a bike ride in Karura I want to do fun stuff  and forget about grown up stuff for a while. I want to be a kid again, just for a little bit.

I grew up without a father, and also lost my mum when I was thirteen. Fortunately, I have a family that cares about me. But sometimes, don’t you just wanna put a ‘For Sale’ sign on your family? They can be such a drain on life force. But we love them in spite of their shortcomings. I’ve recently found myself having to deal with a number of familial issues leading to legal wrangles that might take ages to resolve.

I don’t know how to deal with all of this. I’m basically going through growing pains of some sort. I know it’s a learning curve. I don’t think anything gets flung your way by accident.

So for now, I will trust that I am making all the right decisions and even if I do make the wrong ones, I know I’ll learn from them.



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